Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Black and White Portraits with a Mamyia C220f

I confess I am a gearhead when it comes to cameras, one system I vow to shoot more with is the Mamyia C220f, a medium format twin lens reflex camera. Unlike Rolleiflexes which has fixed lenses, the C220f and the C330 series have interchangeable lenses with leaf shutters. Last week I was hanging out with my friend Lindsay and had an opportunity to grab a fresh portrait, I like this way better than the professional head shot I did for her back in the fall. Comes down the right focal length, 105mm is more flattering than 80mm in medium format. I also prefer black and white for portraits.

The Mamyia C220f I think is going to come with me to Algonquin Park this year. The big question is which lenses come along for the ride, this is not a light system.

My Mamyia C220f

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