Tuesday, January 30, 2018

More Winter Photography in the Bitter Cold

When the temperature seriously drops, the only camera I reach for is my Nikon FM2n. It just doesn't quit when the temperatures bounce around -30c.

Camera: Nikon FM2n, Nikkor Ais lenses.
Film: Lomography F Squared 400

Snow Covered Bridge_

Bridge over Frozen Falls

Frozen Falls 2018 Two

Frozen Falls 2018 Four

Really Cold on Wortley's Wiggle

Wortley's Wiggle Chairlift Tower

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Last Roll of Lomography F Squared 400

Lomography put out a limited run of expired and freezer stored Ferrania (hence the F) Solaris 400 cut down from a master roll purchased over a decade ago. I had the opporunity to shoot ten rolls over the past year, and now, we're at the end of the line.

I had fun shooting this film on overcast days as well as sunny ones. Now if only Film Ferrania can get its act together and make some new Solaris 400.....

Nikon FM2n, Nikkor Ais 50 f1.4 lens.
Film: Lomography F Squared 400.

Abandoned Caledon Farm House

Abandoned Caledon Farm House Two

Snow Covered Wood Fence

Frozen Over West Credit River  One

Snow Covered Cedar Trunks over the Ice

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

More Winter in Colour

I'm really loving what Kodak Max 400 can do.

Camera: Nikon F2A, Nikkor Ai 50 f1.4 lens, Ais 28 f2.8 lens.
Film: Kodak Max 400

Snow Covered Caledon Field One_

Mississauga Rd. Heading into the Valley

Mississauga Rd. Country House

Downtown Belfountain with Snow

The Never Open Belfountain Antiques

Peeling Door_

Bush St. Down the Middle_

Snow Covered Fence_

Gingerbread House Two

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Winter in Colour

I was gifted some freezer stored expired film by a former classmate of mine from the Ryerson Public Relations program, she moved up to Nanavut with her husband, they are both with the RCMP. She got tasked of cleaning out an unused forensics lab, and in the refridgerator was a whole stash of film including 20 rolls of Kodak Max 400. Freezer stored and in the Arctic, can't go wrong.

Oh wow, this film is in great shape! Thank you Dionne Allen! I shot this in Caledon Ontario a few weeks ago just before the Polar Vortex hit, Kodak Max 400 was exposed at 200 ISO and metered carefully.

Camera: Nikon F2A, Nikkor Ai 50 f1.4 lens, Ais 28 f2.8 lens.
Film: Kodak Max 400.

Downtown Cheltanham after the Snow

Wortley's Wiggle Empty

Semi Frozen West Credit River_

Semi Frozen West Credit River III_

Frozen Spot in the West Credit River_

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New Year's Day at the Scarborough Bluffs.

New Year's Day at the Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto's east end, it was bitterly cold. The weather shifted and we got sunshine, but my F2 was already loaded with Japan Camera Hunter Street Pan 400, a very contrasty film in bright sunshine. Exposed well, you get decent, and in my case grainy results. I went along with my friend John Meadows who does an annual solo New Year's Day photo shoot. My camera today wasn't quite so bad in terms of the cold weather.

Camera: Nikon F2S, Nikkor Pre Ai 50 f1.4 lens.
Film: Japan Camera Hunter Street Pan 400, HC110 B.

Winter Bluffs One

Winter Bluffs Four

Top of the Bluffs

Bottom of the Bluffs Four

Across the Bluffs Beach West

Bluffs Outcrop

Semi Frozen Creek_

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Winter Photography in the Cold

As per my last post I was at my brother's place over the new year, and it as cold, as in dark side of the moon cold. I chose a Nikon F2S and a three lens kit and in the end I just shot with the Pre Ai 50 f1.4 lens because it was too cold to change lenses.

VIP Seats to the Chill

Everyone has an opinon but I found from personal experience my mechanical Nikons are sturdy workhorses for less than wonderful weather, even then I found the F2 and Nikkor 50 f1.4 lens struggled below -20c windchills. I saw the same situation a few years back the last time I took a F2 into the cold over March Break that coincided with a polar vortex and I saw the same symptoms. Moral of the story this camera is great above -10c, below not so much. I noticed the end results were a little more dreamy then planned call it a happy accident.

Cold Morning for a Jog

That said the cameras I would recommend are Nikon FM, FM2n, and the mechanical Nikkormat series. Vertical copal shutters I found work well in bitter cold temperatures. In fact, the Canadian Government used the Nikon FM2n in the high arctic for years because they didn't fail in the cold. The same can be said for any camera with a mechanical vertical copal or leaf shutter. They will all work when it gets bitter.

Icy Beach

Now the other thing, dress properly out there when the temperature gets bitter. The Chrismas present I love the most this year is my Patagonia Windsweep 3 in one jacket. Warm enough I didn't even need a sweater underneath. The other thing is gloves, I have fleece pair from the Running Room, they were great for handling the camera controls when it is frostbite in 20 minutes weather.

RC Harris Under the Snow

The big thing you have to manage is making sure your camera doesn't fog up when you come indoors. Keep it in the camera bag for a bit to ease it into another temperature zone.

End of the Line

Camera: Nikon F2S, Nikkor Pre Ai 50 f1.4 lens.
Film: Kosmo Mono 100, Rodinal 1+50 @7.5 minutes 

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

New Film Alert Kosmo Mono 100

There's a flood of new photographic film out there over the past few years, like Bergger Pancro 400 (still have to figure that film out), Ferrania P30 black and white film and Kosmo Mono 100. Steven Dowling is the brains behind this film. I would call this a traditional emulsion along the lines of Kentmere 100, Rollei RPX 100 on an acetate base. When the film was launched last year I placed my $75 CAD down seeing only one sample image and waited. Once the film was ready for delivery, it became the Holiday postal rush, where Canada Post becomes even more inefficient with international packages and I got it two days before Christmas after notifying Steven.

Sarah Asbridge Ave in the Snow

Sarah Asbridge Ave House One_

I packed the film with me for my annual NewYears house and dog sitting stretch at my brother's place in Toronto. Daylight is short this time of year so I needed a super sunny day if I want some usable images and I had a couple of days of that with one caveat a record-setting polar vortex cold snap where daytime temperatures hovered around  -25c with the windchill factored in. When it is sunny the air is very clear and lighting is very bright.

Frozen Solid Lifeguard Hut

Now as the day went on, the camera got colder and you can tell with some photos my Nikon F2 and lens were struggling a bit. To quote former PBS star the late Bob Ross, I had a happy accident on my hands, the photos have a dreamy quality to them but you can tell the shutter was getting a bit sluggish. I'll be holding off to warmer temperatures to shoot more Kosmo Mono 100 with a Nikkomrat or Nikon FM(2n).

Pair of Seats

Kosmo Mono 100 is a classic black and white film and I chose Rodinal 1+50 for 7.5 min at  20c  Classic Camera Revival Host Alex Luyckx nailed down with his work with this emulsion. I'm a little surprised there's no HC110 B time, pity that's my go-to developer, another reason to mix up another batch of D76/ID11, and I have enough Rodinal to last me a lifetime.

Empty Boardwalk Aound Leuty

I'm going to order more Kosmo Mono 100 because it's a nice film, easy to process and I highly recommend it.  I will however not be placing a top-up order close to Christmas. If you want to order some Kosmo Mono 100 will be back in stock in February to my understanding.

Kosmo Foto

Camera: Nikon F2S, Nikkor Pre Ai 50 f1.4 lens.
Film: Kosmo Mono 100, Rodinal 1+50 for 7.5 min at 20c.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Minolta MC Rokkor 58 f1.5 lens, Returned from the Repair Tech

This is the one and only post for the New Year's week and we'll back to regulary scheduled programming on the 9th I hope.

I was gifted a Minolta MC Rokkor 58 f1.4 by Mike Bitaxi, one of the co-hosts of the Classic Camera Revival podcast. Optically it was in great condition but there were some mechanical issues that needed addressing, and I finally addressed them by having my repair tech do an overhaul. I'm glad I did because this is dreamy glass.

The MC Rokkor went through its paces with a test roll of Kodak Tri-X 400 pushed to 1600 ISO because it was December and the light was dodgy as we got closer to the Winter Solstice. I love how this lens handles subjects stopped down around F11 and wide open around F2.8 with portraiture, especially wide open at 2.8. If you roll with a manual focus Minolta system, the MC Rokkor 58 f1.4 is a must have, you don't really need shutter priority on your X-700 or XD body anyway.

Camera: Minolta SRT 102, MC Rokkor 58 f1.4 lens.
Film: Kodak Tri-X 400@1600, Xtol stock.

Snow Covered Shoreline

Thomas St. Historical Houses

Cement Moose

The Grainary on Water St

Annual Horse Ride

Standing at Lakeshore and Thomas

Donna with Rembrant Lighting_

John Amused or Surprised