Saturday, October 01, 2005

Time for another upload of images, I used the Kiev III's mechanical cousin the Contax IIIa which was made by Zeiss Ikon in Stuttgart in the early 1950's with Agfa Apx 400 black and white film which I hope is still being made or a least large stocks remain. I had a scare with this camera recently when a got a roll back of colour film and it looked like half the film/neagtive was scraped, well this roll puts that fear to rest, I think it was the lab that goofed, thankfully. Most of the shots were taken near Ryerson around Yonge and Dundas Streets. The one shot I took of Dundas Westbound was from my classroom. The house photo is here in Oakville in the Historic district by the lake to add a contrast to the group. The Contax IIIa was THE Pro camera in the early 1950's before Leica released the M3 and later Nikon dropped the bomb that is the Nikon F that changed the pro camera market forever.
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