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Road Less Travelled

If you want to find something interesting you have to take the road less travelled. I discovered this stretch about six years ago and photographed it on several occasions. It has an otherworldly quality you wouldn't think exists in Southern Ontario. The other thing about the road less travelled, you'll find more interesting subjects to photograph. Shot on an iPhone 4 with no post processing.

Back into the Woods Part I

What a month this has been, as rule I try to unplug and go for a good long walk in the woods and when things get very busy, I head up to Mono Cliffs Provincial Park northeast of Orangeville. What I like about Mono and the Hockley Valley, it's still a reasonable drive from Greater Toronto yet you don't hear civilization. In fact cellphone reception is a little spotty in low lying sections, my iPhone gets switched into airplane mode. I need the silence. There are two ways up here,  a quick way up Highway 10 and the scenic route. You will see images from the scenic route in a later post. For now you got black and white images to tide you over. Tomorrow I'm back up there leading a photo walk with some members of the Oakville Camera Club  . I usually shoot alone, we'll see what I'll get. Camera: Nikon FM2, Nikkor Ai 28 f2.8 or 50 f1.8 lens, Film: Ilford HP5 400, HC110 Dillution B. 

Lens Test Drive In Toronto's West End

I have really bonded with my Mamiya C220f this Summer, it's a tank of a twin lens reflex camera but it's my go to for portraiture, landscape/nature and wandering around the street due to it's durability and versatility of interchangeable  lenses. Now I have a pretty complete lens kit for this camera save for the blue dot 80 f2.8 Sekor. A little bit of patience on Ebay and I managed to score one a few weeks back. What you see here was shot in Toronto's west end this past weekend during some very humid weather, so I spent my birthday testing out a lens and it has my seal of approval. Camera: Mamiya C220f, Sekor 80 f2.8 Blue Dot lens, Film: Fuji Neopan Acros 100, Xtol 1+1.