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Just checking in, I have not been taking pictures or hitting the darkroom all that much due to other commitments. On top of that, the air purifier attached to the furnace is in the process of being repaired, so I am a little loath to develop or print considering the amount of dust in the air going through my darkroom which is also the furnace room. So please stand by and do not adjust your set.
Saturdays during the winter are special for me as I get to ski with Alex and Marcus up at Caledon Ski Club. Alex and I have been members for 28 years and Marcus is the next generation to start off skiing this year and he is conquering the hills. I can't believe how well he is progressing from being a little scared at the start of the year forgetting everything from the first two years to taking the steep part of Soules Skyway with ease. I used Ilford HP5 as the film for this set, it was gifted to me by fellow Oakville Camera Club member Kelsey Mason. She gave me a brick of Kodak Tri-x, the roll of Ilford HP5 and pile of slide film which will keep me busy for a long while. I shot the HP5 through my Olympus OM-1 using mostly the Zuiko 50 f1.8 with Xtol 1+1 as the developer of choice.