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Atlanta Film Company Euphoric 100, Another Slide Film Option

 Shooting slide film is painful both in the process (you have to be spot on with exposure), E6 processing is more expensive and less common than C-41, the big pain point is the up front cost, Kodak (Alaris) E100 slide film sells for $41.50 CAD per roll at Downtown Camera in Toronto, yes we get hosed in Canada. Fujifilm slide film inventory is very hit or miss,  Downtown Camera is rationaing Velvia 50 and 100 for almost $30 CAD per roll.  Now, don't fret, there are options, there are always options. Eastman Kodak makes 35mm Ektachrome 100 Daylight slide film which is the exact same stuff as Alaris Kodak's $41 roll of E100. Now you can only buy this in 400 foot bulk rolls. Not practical for the home user. The Atlanta Film Company who have been re-spooling Vision 50 and 250D and 500T ECN2 motion picture are offering Ektachrome 100 under the Euphoric label and also offer ECN2 cross processing at the Eastman Kodak Lab in Atlanta to get the same look as on the TV show Euphoria.  I wa

Part Four, Fuji Pro 400H in the Beaches.

 Just like that, my stash of expired Fuji Pro 400 H is all gone. I'm going to miss the colour palette but I'm sitting on some fresh Fuji Superia Extra 400 that's still good.  Camera: Nikon F3/T, Nikkor AIS lenses.  Film: Fuji Pro 400H (Expired). 

Fuji Pro 400 H. Part Three in the Beaches.

  The secret of shooting with expired Fuji Pro 400 H, is one, you're going to get lo-fi results if you're shooting something with big skies as part of the shot and the latitude in the film has shrank. That said, point the camera away from the skies, the results aren't bad.  Camera: Nikon F3/T, Nikkor AIS lenses.  Film: Fuji Pro 400H.