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There's a reason why I don't go to camera shows that often, usually I go wanting to purchase one or two items in this case a Nikkor Ai(s) 35 f2 lens. There was only one dealer with that particular lens and he wanted almost twice as much as the going market value on Ebay and KEH.

In frustration I just started browsing the tables and I found this bad boy, a Rolleicord VI K3B from late 1953.The speeds fire correctly and the both the taking and viewing lenses are in great shape. I did really well on the price and I walked out with something way cooler than just a lens, I now have two Rolleis.

I ran a test roll of Ilford FP4 through the camera and got this:


and this:

Oh yeah, I metered the scenes from an iPhone app I downloaded two months ago, makes a pretty serviceable spot meter in a pinch.
Spring time in Oakville

Part two of the OCC winter photography outing.

Camera Olympus OM-1n,
Various Zuiko Lenses
Kodak Plus X processed in Xtol 1+1.