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I have been experimenting with different black and white films lately, I just picked up a bulk roll of Ilford Delta 100 and two 36 exposure rolls to try out. My favourite medium speed film for 35mm, Kodak Plus X is getting harder to find in bulk lengths these days.

I was gifted a huge jug of Tmax developer a couple of months ago and it makes Delta 100 sing. I found my go to 35mm medium speed film going forward.

One lens I got from Alex along with the Canon F-1n is the legendary FD 35 f2 with the chrome nose complete with the radioactive rare earth glass element. All I can say is wow, the results are mind blowing and the 35 f2 lens weighs a ton especially mated with the Canon F-1n body. I pack a two lens set up if I'm in the city the 35 lens along with the 100 f2.8 telephoto. Anything more, my briefcase gets heavy.

A continuation of the last post with my Beach photowalk last Saturday.

I really like the below shot, the woman looks like she is confounded by choice with the Kew Beach Park Xmas tree lot. They do sell some of the nicest trees in the city and if I did not have an allergy to whatever rides along with fir, pine or spruce I would have a real tree from here in my living room.

Had a major case of GAS recently, it coincided with my brother Alex's garage sale of camera gear and it resulted in I being the new owner of a Canon F-1n, their answer to the Nikon F3 along with a bunch of FD lenses.

I love the F-1n and with what I now have in lenses FD 28 f2.8, 35 f2, 50 f1.4, 50 f1.8, 100 F2.8, 135 f3.5, and 200 f2.8 plus a FTb and AE-1 Program bodies, I don't need to get anything else.

The above two photos were shot along the boardwalk in the Beach neighbourhood in Toronto yesterday afternoon.