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Up to Elora For the Day

  Got sent away by my realtors while the house was getting the final staging touches so I hit the road with my friend Dana for a day trip up to Elora, which I have never visited during the winter months. It was one of those winter days with bright sunshine that begged for colour film, in this case FlicFilm Elektra 100 for that pop.  I've shot Elektra 100 through my Canon New F-1 and Nikon F3HP before, this was a first with the Nikon FM2n, with a fully mechanical shutter. There's something about the results I really like, the three dimensional feel to it compared to say Ektar 100 or Pro Image from Kodak's retail division.  Camera: Nikon FM2n, Nikkor Ais Lenses.  Film: FlicFilm Elektra 100 (Kodak Aerocolor IV 100), processed by Graination. 

More Fun with Kodak Vision 3 250D

  I'm getting my sea legs with scanning 250D, the secret is, try and solve things in the scanning stage and use Lightroom the put the finishing touches on an image. I think I'm getting better at scanning at Vision 250D, it's a lot like Cinestill 400D but there's an anti halation layer courtesy the remjet.  Haven't shot much in Little Italy and I'm pondering a photo walk route, still working on it. Shooting colour in Kensington Market pulls in the neighbourhood character in as much as black and white does. Been a while since I shot with my chrome Nikkormat FTn, it was recently overhauled by Halton Camera Exchange and it feels like a new camera despite being almost 50 years old. I rolled with a Nikkor Ai 35 F2 lens and it was a perfect compliment for the environment being document.  Camera: Nikkormat FTn, Nikkor Ai 35 F2 lens.  Film: Refix Labs Spooled Eastman Kodak Vision 3 250D, processed by Graination Lab in ECN-2 Chemistry