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The Trip Back Home.

 All good things come to an end, Jo-Anne and I hopped into the car for the trip back to Toronto from a glorious long weekend up in Muskoka. I loaded up my Nikon F2AS with Cinestill 400D, I packed a few rolls for this trip but only wound up shooting this one.  What a way to cap off a long weekend of bright sunshine, 400D delivers, up until now I've only shot through my F5 and 28-105 zoom lens. Older manual focus lenses deliver a pleasing look with not a lot of colour grading at the other end in Lightroom. I plan on buying more 400 D when my stash runs low, I love the character of this emulsion.  Jo-Anne and I had a blast up at Bilie Bear and the count down begins for next year's trip, which for me will be my tenth anniversary going up.  Camera: Nikon F2AS, Nikkor Ai lenses.  Film: Cinestill 400 D. 

Huntsville Day Trip on Saturday

 Jo-Anne and I decided to head into Huntsville on the Saturday up at Billie Bear for a change of pace and do some exploring. For some reason I never feel I do this town justice on film.  Camera: Nikon F2AS, Nikkor Ai lenses.  Film: Adox CHS 100 II, FX-39 1+19. 

Black and White Study of a Century Old Muskoka Resort.

Billie Bear has a long history going back to the turn of the 20th Century when Muskoka was starting its slowtransition from a logging to a tourist region. Billie Bear Fishing Camp, catered to mostly sports fishermen from the early-mid 20th century up until the late 1980s when ownership changed and Billie Bear became a house keeping resort.  What was interesting back in the 1970s and '80s, the helipad was installed and where the powerboats are moored today, the float planes (a pair of DeHaviland Beavers) were tied up for ferrying sport fishermen to more remote lakes. Bille Bear also had a Hughes 300 with floats for smaller lakes.  Things changed in 1989 whin Billlie Bear changed hands and became a resort appealing to more to tourists evolving to what we know and love today. I would have loved to grab a bunch of photos of the float planes, that's still on the bucket list. Some day.  I didn't shoot much black and white this trip, only two rolls of Adox CHS 100 II, With the lig