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Niagara on the Lake in February

  Finally, shot my last roll of Ilford Delta 100, took long enough, going forward I'm shooting Ilford FP4 125 as prefer cubic over T grain. Thought I shot it all, apparently this roll was hiding in one of my camera bags. It was a nice day so the film wound up in my recently returned Nikon FM3a, the meter while accurate needed some encouragement to turn on like firing the shutter, or slapping the side of the camera. Now the meter triggers how it's supposed to with a FM/FE series body.  The FM3a of course was the perfect camera to roll with on this day trip running with the 28, 50 and 105 lens kit. Yeah, the FM3a was the best film camera of the early 21st century and it was a shame it got discontinued when it did.  Camera: Nikon FM3a, Nikkor Ais lenses.  Film: Ilford Delta 100, Ilfotec HC 1+31. 

Another weekend in Midtown Toronto

The Saturday started dismal but the cloud cover cleared by the time we got to Yonge St., this time walking north of Lawerence to find a gift shop the sold smaller 100 pc jigsaw puzzles for my mom. Sadly 100 pcs is about all she can handle now. The local BIA between Eglington and Lawerence held a Winter Carnaval only all the snow had melted (it's been a very mild February so far).  The one bummer this weekend was my chrome nose Nikkor H 28 F3.5 focusing seized up for no apparent reason. The lens is in otherwise pristine condition so the game plan is it will get repaired when I send off my Nikon F "Flag Switch Photomic off for restoration. I still have the Nikkor N 28 F 2 lens which is an optical beast and I'll run with that for a while.  Camera: Nikkormat FT2, Nikkor H 28 F3.5 lens (kaput), Nikkor H 50 F2 lens.  Film: Ilford HP5 400, Ilfotec HC 1+31.