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Wandering Around Oakville in the Summer

When the sun is high and the temperatures warm....

Asahi Pentax K2, SMC Pentax M lenses.
Film: Kentmere 100, HC110 B for 6.5 minutes

Early NIkon F and Fomapan 100

Fomapan 100, also known as Kosmo Mono 100, or Lomography Earl Grey 100 is magical through old school Nikkor glass and processed in Rodinal 1+50. I love the classic look I get with this combo.

I've been shooting a fair bit with my Nikon F's recently partly as I recorded an upcoming Classic Camrea Revival Deep Dive Episode on that particular camera. I was using my black eyelevel prism F with this series along with an early Nikkor H 50 f2. (the Nikkor S 50 f2 lenses from the same year as the camera are thin on the ground). I love what I got out if the film even with just a UV filter on the lens. I'm using my FE2 with my July stay in the Beach and I plan to roll with probably the black eyelevel F or maybe one of the chrome ones. Haven't decided yet.

Camera: Nikon F circa January 1960, Nikkor H 50 f2 lens.
Film: Fomapan 100, Rodinal 1+50.

Toronto's Beaches Neighbourhood In the Summer

By the time you are reading this I'm at my urban retreat at my brother's place in the Beaches looking after Maya, the latest edition to the Smith clan, she's a four year old black lab mystery mix and a rescue from Milton. I'm looking forward to looking after her, and I hope I'll have some photos to share.

I'll be doing some serious colour work when I'm there, you will just have to be patient and wait for the results. In the meantime, I might be Bud's Coffee, or maybe The Stone Lion's patio and I'll be packing Nikon and one of my Rolleis. Stay tuned there's way more to come....

Camera: Nikon F Photomic Tn, Nikkor H 50 f2 lens.
Film: Kentmere 100, HC110 B, 6 min 30 sceonds at 20c.

Summer in the City with a Nikon F Part Two

I recorded an upcoming Classic Camera Revival Deep Dive with John Meadows and my brother Alex on the Nikon F back on the Canada Day Weekend and I we all got into chatting about just how Nikon got it mostly right with the camera's ergonomics. Nikon didn't innovate with the F, they made everything, better and tougher as the F was a working camera for photojournalists and later on a rig for wealthy enthusiast photographers.

What I got with just two lenses below should seal the deal. Thing is Nikon F's aren't all that expensive and can be easily had for under $200 if you shop smart. Stay tuned, the episode will publish later this year on the Classic Camera Revival Podbean channel.

Camera: Nikon F Photomic FTN, Nikkor HC 50 f2 lens, Nikkor H 28 f3.5 lens.
Film: Bergger BRF Plus 400,  ID-11 1+1.

Summer in the City with a Nikon F Part One

My friend John Meadows gave me a roll of Bergger BRF Plus 400 and Pancro 400 a couple of months ago. I love Pancro 400 in 120, haven't really shot it in 35mm, BRF 400 Plus, I have and quite enjoyed it. Now Bergger no longer sells this film as Pancro replaced it, and some quick internet sleuthing reveals it's non other than ORWO N74 which is also now sold as Lomography Kino Berlin 400, if you don't feel like bulk loading.

I loaded up one of my Nikon F's and went into town to drop off a camera at my brother Alex's office at University and Queen and I slowly made my way to Downtown Camera to load up on some Color Plus 200, they were out and Argentix got the business. It was a sunny day and I had to play with harsh lighting, some people wait for golden hour, I go out in the bright sun and make it work.

Anyway, I miss shooting with this film, and I think I'm going to do a big buy of Lomo Kino Berlin in 35mm once I burn down my Fomapan stocks. I really like the cine…

The Road Back Home

After the Toronto Film Shooters Summer Meet Up, I made my way for home, since it was just me in the car and I had nowhere where I really needed to be, I took the scenic route along Highway 7. The game plan was make my way over to Cannington On, visit the family grave plot, shoot around town a bit and then make my way over to Uxbridge for dinner and beer run at Second Wedge Brewing Company.

I need the alone time to think as I'm dealing with a personal set back I'm not going into here and what better than some roadside photography to help process what went down. My family settled in what is now Brock Township and Cannington back in the early 1820s and I always try and stop in if I'm passing through. Also I hoped to connect with my friend and fellow photographer Spring Tripp Reilly of Life's Elements Photography if she was around when I stopped in Uxbridge, that Saturday I got lucky.

Now Ferrania P30, this film is silky smooth but you have to be careful with development …