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Spring in my Backyard.

I live in Oakville Ontario, have been for a long time, downside photography close to home becomes close to impossible due to familiarity. This year I forced myself to shoot more close to home in my travels. Time to embrace #lifeinthe905. Camera: Asahi Pentax Spotmatic F, SMC 55 f1.8 and 28 f3.5 Takumar lenses. Film: Lomography F Squared 400 (Ferrania Solaris 400)

Springtime in Elora Part Three

Elora is one of my happy places....  Camera: Nikon F2SB, Nikkor Pre-Ai 50 f1.4 lens, Ais 28 f2.8 lens.  Film: Agfa Vista 400

Springtime in Elora Part Two

One thing, even though I've been to Elora on several occasions but I never get tired shooting up here. If you haven't been, don't forget to explore the gorge, don't forget the bring the deep woods Off, it's bug season from now until early August. Camera: Nikon F2SB, Nikkor Pre-Ai 50 f1.4 lens, Q 135 f2.8 lens, 55 f3.5 Micro Nikkor and Ais 28 f2.8 lenses. Film: Agfa Vista 400

Spring Photowalk in Elora Part One

The Oakville Camera Club did a long awaited return to the Elora Ontario, on Mother's Day Weekend, we wound up with 10 members come up for an informal walk around and culinary tour. I love Elora as a nice day trip escape from the Golden Horseshoe. I wanted to shoot colour and ran with Agfa Vista 400 through my mid-1970s vintage Nikon F2SB. The film is cheap, you're looking about $6 Cdn per roll for 36 exposures. Now, this is not the Agfa Vista of old, this is made in Japan by everyone's guess being Fujifilm. Now I have a friend swear it's Superia 400, I don't think it is, My guess it is either rebadged Industrial 400 or a contract run through Fuji machinery. This film is a contrasty hits you in the face colour film. Portra 400 this ain't. That said depending on your subject matter's skin town and you could get a decent portrait with almost a bleach bypass feel. For shoots like this, Vista 400 is really nice, I've used it in the city on a semi-overcas

Spring in Toronto Part Three

The city came back to life when the temperature goes above +10c. Camera: Nikon F2SB, Nikkor Pre Ai 50 f1.4 lens, Nikkor H 38 f3.5 lens. Film: Ilford HP5 400, HC110 B.

Spring in Toronto Part Two

I'm downtown a fair bit..... Camera: Nikon F2SB, Nikkor Pre Ai 50 f1.4 lens. Film: Ilford HP5400, HC110 B.