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A Black and White lover addicted to Colour

I guess the first question is, "Who are you and what have you done with Bill Smith?" Not to worry, I'm not locked up somewhere, I just decided to get out of my photographic comfort zone for a while. I love black and white, I love developing black and white film and I love printing black and white in a traditional wet darkroom. I resolved this year to shoot more colour  at some point if I shoot enough of it, I'm going to learn how to process C-41 at home. Camera: Canon F-1n, either a "new" FD 50 f1.8 or 28 f2.8 lenses. Film: Fuji Superia Extra 400

You Can Go Home Again

I learned photography on a Canon AE-1 after playing around with a Rebel G for a year or two. Over time I had the nice little collection of FD lenses for my camera. About seven years ago I migrated over to Nikon, trading off the AE-1 kit for a Nikon F body around the same time my dad passed. I wound up getting another Nikon F as part of his estate along with some other nice toys. Things do come full circle, a few years back I was gifted a Canon FTb which  I since got overhauled and I bought my brother's F-1n off him along with a nice collection of FD lenses two years ago. Now in a fit of nostalgia I picked up another AE-1 off Ebay, this one in much better shape than the one I owned and now I have three Canon bodies a decent FD lens kit. I forgot how nice this camera was, the only achilles heel for the AE-1 is the lousy performance in cold temperatures. Oh let's be honest the battery dies in 15 minutes with the exposure to cold weather so you don't want to use this betw