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Back to Billie Bear, to Dorset on Slide Film.

 First off Merrry Christmas, and for those who recently celebrated Hanukkah, I hope you had a joyeous holiday this year! There's no winter shots, well, the skies are grey as polished concrete and the ground is very earth tone green and brown, and more grey. So lets go back in time a few months to early in the fall when I was up north in Muskoka, this is one of two rolls of Euphoric 100 I shot, the skies screamed for some Ektachrome 100, and I got it. The second roll with upload in the new year as I need a break and get back to cleaning and packing up the family house.  Stay safe out there, and have a happy new year!  Camera: Nikon F3/T, Nikkor AIS lenses.  Film: Atlanta Film Co. Euphoric 100 (motion picture Eastman Kodak Ektachrome 100) 

Frugal Film Project December Roll, Mid Town Toronto

 Just like that we reached to the 12th roll of Kentmere 400 for the Frugal Film Project for 2023. I had to switch to my 2024 camera early subbing out the Nikkormat FTn for the Nikkormat FT3 back in October, that's ok. I do plan to switch up the film stock next year to Fomapan 400.  The December roll took place during the photo walk (aka The Holiday Special) with the Toronto Film Shooters. We wandered around midtown doing a variation of a route we did two years ago, down Yonge St. to the Kay Gardiner Beltline Trail and then back up Mt. Pleasant to The Granite Brewery.  Sadly no snow this December so it really doesn't feel all that Christmasy this year, but then, it's been a very weird year. I hope everyone has a great holiday season.  Camera: NIkkormat FT3, Nikkor Ai lenses.  Film: Kentmere 400, Ilfotec HC 1+31. 

Lomography Metropolis 400 (2019 Formulation) Revisited.

I've only shot roll of Metropolis 400 in 120 a few years back, it was ok but didn't set the world on fire for me at the time. I shot around Oakville and it was, meh.  My friend Dana sold me three rolls of 2019 formulation Metropolis 400, she was selling excess film in her stash and a month or so later after buying them, I shot a roll through my Rollei 35S during a weekend in the city, which of course starts on Platform 3 at the Oakville GO Station. I exposed the film at 320 ISO and that was a good call.   The colour palatte worked out great for early December, it really captured the grim lighting. I plan to use this over the holidays on the December 30 photo walk where we walk through Kensington Market up to the Annex.  From what I understand, "the new and improved" Metropolis 400 is ORWO NC500 colour film, never played with that, but that will be on the agenda at some point.  Camera: Rollei 35S, 40 F2.8 Zeiss Sonnar Lens.  Film: Lomography Metropolis 400 2019 version