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A Sunny Morning's walk to Old Oakville

 I love it on the rare occasion when the sun comes out when I head out for my morning walks, it just makes life in the pandemic bearable.  Camera: Nikkormat FT3, Nikkor Ai 105 f2.5 lens, Áis 35 f2 lens.  Film: Ultrafine Extreme 400, HC110 B. 

West Side of 16 Mile Creek

  So far it's been a ho hum winter, not a lot of snow on the ground, really, none in the photos shared, and I've had a run a bad luck ruining two rolls of film while processing. The teachable moment is, don't process film while sleep deprived, dumb me put the stop in before the developer, rookie mistake made by someone who has been processing film since 2006. That's why there hasn't been much in the way of winter pictures.  Nikkormat FT3, Nikkor Ais 35 F2 lén, Ai 105 F2.5 lens.  Film: Ultrafine Extreme 400, HC110 B. 

Bronte, The East Side of the Harbour.

 Like the west side of Bronte, the east side is pretty quiet, and courtesy the pandemic, shut down unless take out/curbside pick up was being done. I'm happy to have some brighter skies for a change, the constant grey skies wears over time. Bronte will come back to life in the spring.  Camera: Nikkormat FTn, Nikkor O 35 F2 lens.  Film: Ultrafine Extreme 400, HC110 B. 

Bronte, on the West Side of Bronte Harbour

 I don't go to Bronte Harbour in the west end of Oakville all that often to shoot since the pandemic began. It has a very different mood in the off season, as in, no one is there, particularly in a pandemic. One thing this shoot re-enforced in my mind, the 35 F2 and the 105 F2.5 lenses are perfect for travel. This has become the pair of lenses I reach for when I go out.  Camera: Nikkormat FTn, Nikkor O 35 F2 lens, Nikkor P 105 F2.5 lens.  Film: Ultrafine Extreme 400, HC110 B. 

Winter Light

 It was a very grey January with a few sunny days to reprieve, on the days of partly sunny weather made for interesting shooting. I started shooting Fomapan 400 again, again at 250 ISO and processing for the 400 ISO time in HC110 B gave me lovely contrast without needed a yellow filter on my lenses. Granted I was shooting with a camera roughly six months older than I am while overhauled years ago by a retired Nikon repair tech. I have one roll left of UFX 400 and I'll be switching over to Fomapan for my bulk rolled 400 ISO black and white film.  Camera: Nikon F Photomic Tn, Nikkor Pre Ai lenses.  Film: Fomapan 400, HC110 B.