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The First Real Spring Day and Kodak Ektar 100 Part 2

I don't shot with the Zuiko silver nose 50 f1.4 lens often enough. I bought into I have to get the later MC version for my Olympus kit. After shooting a roll of Ektar 100 through one of my OM-1md's, I'm going to look for another silver nose 50 f1.4 Zuiko lens. The results here speak for themselves and so will the black and white post on Wednesday. That aside, shoot more Ektar 100, that film rocks, that is all. Camera: Olympus OM-1md, Zuiko 50 f1.4 silver nose lens, 28 f2.8 lens. Film: Kodak Ektar 100.

The First Real Spring Day and Kodak Ektar 100 Part 1

I always shoot Kodak Ektar 100 on the first real spring day, which in this case was Saturday, April 13,   the skies were blue and it wasn't bone chilling cold (unless you were right by Lake Ontario). Camera: Olympus OM-1md, Zuiko 50 f1.4 silver nose lens, 28 f2.8 lens. Film: Kodak Ektar 100

More fun with Expired Agfa Colour Film

My connection came through with a brick of 120 forma Agfa Optima 100 at a recent Oakville Camera Club meeting. I took a roll with me last Saturday to shoot with once my Bergger Pancro 400 roll was done. Even though it was freezer stored I had no idea what I was going to get with Almost two decade old Agfa colour film.  What you see was shot through a Rolleicord at box speed, no colour corrections needed. I'm really sad Agfa went bust, and would be overjoyed if either Adox or Rollei would bring this film back from the dead, one can dream. In the meantime, I have nine rolls left, and you don't. Camera: Rolleicord IV, 75 f3.5 Schneider Xenar lens.  Film: Agfa Optima 100. 

Bergger Pancro 400, a Second Test.

I shot a 35mm roll of Bergger Pancro 400 two years ago up in Elora when it was first introduced. For those not familiar with this film Pancro 400 is available in multiple formats and is a two-layer silver bromide and silver iodide emulsion. I loved the tonality of the film but it was grainy, but a good grain. Now I grabbed a bunch of rolls in 120 recently and I wanted to see what I can do in medium format with this film. The short answer is Bergger Pancro 400 in 120 is gorgeous! The tonality carries over into 120 format but with much finer grain, again I used the B dilution for Kodak's HC110 developer to process the film. I was very pleased with the results having no issues of cupping. As a result, I ordered 10 rolls on top of the 12 I already have as I want to be well stocked this Summer and fall. At some point, I want to print with Bergger's RC papers, for now, I'll just shoot the film. Camera: Rolleicord IV, 75 f3.5 Schneider Xenar lens. Film: Bergger Pancro 400,

Elora April 2019, Part Two

We did a great deep dive on the Classic Camera Revival with the Pentax Spotmatic, they lovely cameras to shoot with. With my day trip up to Elora I wanted some time with my Spotmatic II, it is one of those "just right" in my hands camera with amazing optics. I was blown away with what I got with Fomapan 100 processed in Rodinal 1+50 through Super Multi Coated Takumar lenses. While it was sunny in Oakville, it was a lot hazier to almost overcast up in Elora which was a bit of a disappointment, but it's April in Central Canada, what do you expect? What was a shame, the trails were iced up along with the stairs down into the Elora Gorge. Nope, I like my mobility, I'll be back in May or June. Camera: Asahi Pentax Spotmatic II, Super Multi Coated Takumar 50 f1.4 and 28 f3.5 lenses. Film: Fomapan 100, Rodinal 1+50

Back Up to Elora April 2019

I didn't go up to Elora last year, following the goings-on via my friend David Medeiros, Mill St. was dug up, and I noticed Ashanti Coffee is gone and the Shepard Pub moved to the east side of Metcalfe St. leaving its longtime basement location. The Elora Mill has reopened and pretty much booked solid which is good for local retailers. The big change is the Badley Bridge across the Grand River  the regional government wants to replace the classic iron bridge designed with one made of poured concrete. While cheaper, the new bridge will have no character and there will be no history tied to it. I do hope the locals succeed persuading the regional government to spend the money to restore the current Metcalfe St. Badley bridge. Camera: Asahi Pentax Spotmatic II, Super Multi Coated Takumar 50 F1.4 lens. Film: Fomapan 100, Rodinal 1+50