Fun North of Queen St. East.

Ultrafine Extreme 400, why do I feel I have to sound like the voiceover promoting either a UFC or WWE match when talking about this film? It's a great emulsion, pop a yellow 2 filter on your lens and things just pop. Again repeat after me, this ain't Kentmere 400 rebranded and sold out of a California warehouse, it's too nice to be Kentmere 400.

The walk took me north of Queen this time up to Gerrard through the ravine and Main St. The more explore the east end of Toronto, the more I am in love it.  Things are just cooler east of the Don River.

Camera: Nikon FM2n, Nikkor lenses.
Film: Ultrafine Extreme 400, HC110 B.

More Fun with Kodak Ektachrome 100 Slide Film

I shot my two remaining rolls of E 100 while in the Beaches and I think going forward I'm only going to shoot slide in medium format. The shooting part is easy, it's the scanning 35mm slide that drove me a little nuts with Vuescan. Scanning Portra 400, Etkar 100, Color Plus 200 and Pro Image 100, easy peasy and I love the results. I don't have the same issues in 120 slide film scanning.

So no more E100 in 35mm for me, I can't wait to see it in 120, that will blow my mind.

Camera: Nikon FE2, Nikkor lenses.
Film: Kodak E100 Ektachrome.

Kodak Pro Image 100, a Solid Performer

Kodak Pro Image 100 is a really nice film, Lomography sells it under it's own Lomo 100 C-41 branding and is quite resaonable in price. I shot a roll of this back in July under overcast conditions and found the colours quite muddy, this time out I shot on a sunny day with puffy clouds and oh boy, like Ektar 100, this film loves bright sunlight. What I love about this film I don't have to worry about skin tones as I would with Ektar 100 witness in the shot I took of my friend Markus while he was getting his shot of the Goof sign.

Compared to Color Plus 200, Pro Image 100 handles subject matter in the shade better witness the fender shot I took of the blue Chevy muscle car and didn't require much in colour correction in scanning. Hint, you want to correct as much as you can in the scanning process, that way you don't have to burn your eyes out messing around in Lightroom or Capture One.

Camera: Nikon FE2, Nikkor Lenses.
Film: Kodak Pro Image 100.