ORWO NP100 in Oakville

 I was gifted a roll of ORWO NP 100 about six months ago, and I can't remember from who to save my life. I've usually just shot UN54 an 100 ISO motion picture stock that was sold in 100'/30M bulk rolls and I would decant down into 36 exposure cassesttes, I also have some colour NC 500 I want to try at some point, NP100 is the still photography cousin to UN54. Spring in Oakville is stort of arriving in fits and starts, I got out on one nice afternoon for a walk around the immediate neighbourhood, haven't done that in ages and the rest of the roll was shot downtown Oakville on a less than wonderful day.  My usual go to developer for for ORWO black and white films I've shot with in the past is D76/ID-11, but in my current time of limbo, liquid conentrate developers are the only thing I'm working with because I don't want to mix up a five litre stock solution if I'm going to move at the end of June. Yeah, buried that lead. The countdown clock is on, my last

After the Walk, a Wander Through King West and Spadina

 After the St Patricks themed photowalk with Toronto Photowalks, I loaded the F100 with some Bergger Pancro 400 to change things up a bit after two rolls of Cinestill 400, and was pleased with the results. I've shot a fair bit of Pancro 400, sadly rather thin on the ground in these parts post pandemic. The last 20 rolls was purchased through Fotoimpex in Berlin Germany and shipped here during pandemic times. BH Photo still has it as out of stock.  What I like about Pancro 400 is the character, this time around the grain is a lot tighter, and I wonder if it's the perfect exposure courtesy the matrix metering in the F100, I'm wondering if this is the best roll of this film I shot since I first discovered it online. The secret I guess is the Matrix metering, and perhaps the autofocus as well. The one thing I'm not a fan is the cupping, which I solve by reverse rolling and storing in a film storage cannister for a couple of days, even then newton rings do pop up here and th

From Harbourfront to Northern Maverick Brewing via the Well.

  The second roll scanned better than the first roll from this. I love what I got inside The Well this time around and the Tulips on Portland photo just sings. Jo-Anne did this walk with Toronto Photowalks and I plan to do a variation of this route for the Toronto Film Shooters at a later date, when the temperature is a bit more, later spring if you catch my drift.  Camera: Nikon F100, Nikon AF-D lenses.  Film: Cinestill 400 D, ECN-2 processed through Graination Lab.