Exploring Hillcrest Village-Wychood and a Neighbourhood Garden Tour

Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods and this Summer I want to explore more of them, partly for future photowalks. Jo-Anne got some tickets for a garden tour put on by the Toronto Historical Society and this year it was in the Hillcrest/Bracondale Hill/Wychwood neighbourhood. Think east of Dufferin, ok, Oakwood, St. Clair, Bathurst St. to the east and Davenport to the south. One thing about this part of Toronto, it really reminds me of the Streetcar Suburb enclave sandwiched between NDG and Ville St. Pierre and Cote St. Luc called Montreal West. When I walked into this neighbourhood, I felt immediately at home.  The Gardens were beautiful. I'm still toying with an idea for a photowalk cutting through this neighbourhood but figuring out where we start and where to end is a big one. I'm going to give it some thought.  Camera: Olympus OM-2n, Zuiko MC lenses.  Film: Fujifilm Superia 400 

Friday Afternoon with Ferrania P30

  P30 is an 80 ISO black and white motion picture stock made famous by the Italian filmmaker Fredirico Fellini and was revived by Film Ferrania a few years ago. Joining Eastman XX and ORWO UN 54 and N74 on the market P30 was marketed towards savvy film photographers looking for a black and white stock to shoot with.  Unlike the American and German options, P30 can be a tricky film to shoot with its narrower latitude, while I love the results, it's not my favourite medium speed film to shoot with. It took me a while to dial things in with the regular production P30, you want to use D96 ideally for processing, failing that,  D76/ID-11 does the trick as well. I found HC110 B was great for the Alpha rolls of P30 but not regular production, things got way too contrasty. The other thing you have to be mindful of is the agitation, as in be gentle, I went with three gentle inversions per minute with D76 1+1.  The other thing, use a camera with an accurate meter and shutter, P30 isn't o