The Toronto Film Shooters Fall Meet Up 416 Edition In Glorious Colour

We really lucked in with the weather for the Toronto Film Shooters city photowalk at the end of October. We had a great group.

For some reason I feel like I'm slightly missing the mark with my Kodak Portra 400 scans. I'm trying to figure it out. Hamrick had been on a tear with a bunch of software updates for Vuescan and I'm wondering if that's part of it. Cheap and cheerful film like ColorPlus 200 and Max 400, or Lomo 400 C-41 Colour film is easy peasy to scan with little to no colour correction. Portra, I feel like I'm trying to tame the beast. Sadly the OEM Epson interface is shit with the Apple ecosystem and I really don't feel like spending a fortune on Silverfast.

Camera: Olympus OM-2n, Zuiko lenses.
Film: Kodak Portra 400

Toronto Film Shooters 416 Fall Meet Up Black and White

I have a knack of chosing nice days for photowalk, we started out at the Evergreen Brickworks and ended up at the Rebel House on Yonge St. It was a great group from the Toronto Film Shooters Facebook Group, we had some of the usual suspects along with some new faces.

This photowalk I used a pair of Olympus OM-2n's, the chrome one was loaded with Rollei RPX 400 and shot exclusively with the MC Zuiko 35 f2 lens, I love this piece of glass. The black OM-2n, had Portra 400 loaded up and you will see the end results in the next blog post

Camera: Olympus OM-2n, MC Zuiko 35 f2 lens.
Film: Rollei RPX 400, HC110 B.

Oakville in the Fall

My town through the month of October.....

The Rollei 35 S totally rocks, that is all.

Camera: Rollei 35 S, 40 f2.8 Zeiss Sonnar Lens.
Film: Kodak Max 400.

Caledon Ski Club Pre Season

Ski season is coming.......
Camera: Asahi Pentax K2, SMC Pentax M lenses.  Film: Kodak Color Plus 200. 

Belfountain on an October Sunday.

I was up in Belfountain a few weeks ago on my way to the Caledon Ski Club for it's Annual General Meeting. Nice day, it's fall, of course I packed a camera with some colour film. I went with my Asahi Pentax K2 and Kodak Color Plus 200. The camera and film are made for each other, end of story. I've talked about this camera elsewhere, it was Pentax's top of the line K mount body in the mid 1970s until the K2DMD came along.

I could not believe how jam packed Belfountain was with day trippers. It's a double edged sword, local busiensses love the sales from people stopping, the locals are however getting a little tired dealing with the hordes of day trippers. I mentioend it elsewhere, I call it he BlogTO effect. I don't hike Forks of the Credit on weekends any more because it's too busy. The real treat was photographing a couple of vintage Volkswagans that rolled through on a weekend drive.

Camera: Asahi Pentax K2, SMC Pentax M 50 f1.4 lens.
Film: Kodak Color …