The June Toronto Film Shooters Photo Walk, in Hamilton. Part Two

 The walk route in Hamilton was straight down James St. and it crosses Hamilton from the North End which has become a locus of cool and when you start to cross the city, you see poverty, Crossing King St. at Jackson Square we came across a monthly pop up food bank which had a line up in the thousands, that's an eye opener. Toronto has poverty, but its spread out in smaller pockets. Hamilton, it's in your face. You could say it's the echos of the old industrial collapse of 20 years ago, and Hamilton being now a healthcare, education and food processing hub has a population hasn't or can't pivot to the new economy.  The second roll is Kodak Gold 200, I should shoot this film more, it really works well with the 50 f2.5 Color Skopar lens. I struggled loading the second roll of Pro Image 100, which was annoying, I'm getting pretty good loading Barnack Leicas, they can still be finicky to load. I got the roll of Gold 200 loaded and here we are.  Camera: Leica IIIg, Vo

The June Toronto Film Shooters Photo Walk, in Hamilton. Part One.

  Just like that, I'm back and I got my scanning workflow up and running. More content is coming soon, be patient. In the meantime, from a month ago from the Toronto Film Shooters trip out to Hamilton. Alex Luykx put the walk together which was great because I was running ragged getting ready for my move into the city.  It's been a while since I was last in Hamilton and it was my first time taking the GO Train to West Harbour  GO Station in Hamilton's North End across the street from the old CN Station which is now an event space owned LIUNA. It was a great group of photographers who showed up, some having gone to school in Hamilton.  I ran with my Leica IIIg and Voigtlander 50 F2.5 Color Skopar Lens, great for shooting with C-41 film. Mix of sun and cloud through me off. I got better as I went along. I love the Color Skopar lens. I've shoot black and white film through it, now colour, the lens doesn't deserve the reputation it originally had when released over 20 y

Frugal Film Project June Edition, Oakville Before my Move.

 Oakville has been a car town for ages, being the home of Ford Canada's main plant and head office since the end of the Second World War, with the money sloshing around town, there are some neat toys rolling around the streets.  While not my last roll of film shot in Oakville as a resident it will be the last one in Oakville for the Frugal Film Project. The one thing that struck me as a long time resident, the town I grew up in really has changed, well, save for Bong's Variety Store. That establishment hasn't changed since I was at Oakville Trafalgar High School over on Reynolds in the mid 1980s as a student.  By the time you see this post, I've already moved, sorta stateless for two weeks until move in day for my condo. Please note, I'm going to be a bit behind until my workflow is back online, think of it as brief hiatus.  Camera: Nikkormat FT3, Nikkor Ai 50 F2 lens.  Film: Fomapan 400, Ilfotec HC 1+31.