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Happy New Year!

I am glad 2006 has come to a close, I learned a lot this year both becoming a better photographer (mastering at home developing of black and white film and fill flash) and with my public relations training at Ryerson for my next career.

My New Years Resolutions are as follows:

Make prints at home, make really good prints by the end of winter 2008, continually improve my composition and master another developing chemical.

I am looking for work in the Public Relations/Corporate Communications/Marketing Communications field. I am currently between careers at the moment hence the huge amount of photographic output. The challenge however is I need cash for the photographic hobby/habit. I am also passionate about communication in getting the right message to the right audience at the right time. School is going well and I have good foundation of skills to draw on, it's that getting the first paid opportunity that's challenging me at the moment.…
I am happy with my first attempt at push processing. I used Ilford HP5 exposing it at 1600 asa instead of 400 asa (box speed)using my Minolta XE-7. I shot the street scene in Yorkville, note there is no snow on the ground a week before Christmas and the interior shots were from the Toronto Photography Meet Up Group annual holiday party at the the Bedford Academy.

A random set of photos I took wandering around Toronto A Sunday morning two weeks ago. I have a real weakspot for the Nikkor 24 f2.8, I used it on my Nikon F2 with this set. I used Fortepan 400 rated 400 on the indoor shots and anywhere between 320 to 200 on the outdoor shots processed in HC110 Dil B for 7.5 min.

Sunday mornings are an interesting time to photograph as everyone is either sleeping in, at brunch or in church or a combination of the previous. I am really partial to the Balzac's (where I go for coffee in town) shot taken looking down from the stairs and the old BMW R90.

I took a stroll in the Annex over a month ago when it was much less grey. I went with my Nikon F with one lens, a Nikkor H 50 f2 lens. I used Kodak Tri-x 400 film with HC110 Dilution B to process. I am definately asking for Tri-x in my Christmas Stocking.