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Nikon F90X, AF-D 50 F1.4 lens and Fomapan 400 Processed in Ilfotec HC

 I finally got a Nikkor AF-D 50 f1.4 lens for the camera kit, purchased off EBay, it arrvived better than described quickly from Japan. Using the F90X I popped the AF-D 50 F1.4 on and gave it a test drive around my girlfriend Jo-Anne's neighbourhood in Toronto.  Being the Nikon Fan Boy I am, there are multiple copies of the Nikkor S, SC 50 F1.4, as well as Ai and AiS versions in my collection. The AF-D is a super continuation with this focal length, you can use it as a classic Nifty Fifty as well as a portrait lens.   Photographing Jo-Anne, I was taken aback how flattering this lens is for portraiture. Turn around and stop it down the AF-D 50 f1.4 becomes the perfect lens turning my F90X to a very powerful point and shoot. Having shot with the same lens with my brother's F5 was just insane, the perfect photowalk combo.  Now Fomapan 400, you can't go wrong with this film as long as you know how to shoot and process it. I recently switched from Kodak HC110 to Ilford's Ilf

Beaches Early in Winter before The Real Snow Comes.

 Toronto's east end in the Grey Season on a Classic Camera Revival hosts only walk.  Camera: Nikon FM, Nikkor Ai 50 F2 lens, Ai 28 F2.8 lens.  Film: JCH Streetpan 400, D76 1+1.  ]

Frugal Film Project 2022 Part One, January

  New Year's Day I went out with Jo-Anne and my firend John for a very small group photo walk. In soem way it felt like March 2020 when Covid 19 first popped up in the world's collective conciousness. Omicron hadn't closed in person dining yet but it felt lke the other shoe was going to drop. With that in the background we went out for a New Year's Day wander with cameras in hand. It was also an opportunity to get cracking with the Frugal Film Project. I just joined the nameake Facebook Group, and the frugal camera I went with is the Nikon N90S(F90X) and the film of choice is Kodak Ultramax 400.  In some ways I'm regretting rolling with Kodak Ultramax 400, I'm supposed to shoot a roll a month for this, and I'm good up until August with the inventory I have. Not the ideal but if worst comes to worst, I'll scrounge around my network to find enough film to get me to the end of the year (thank you Kodak supply chain issues).  At least with my film and camera