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I got my Leica M3 Back last week, Gerry up at Kindermann Canada does amazing work on Leica M mount rangefinder bodies and my M3 feels like a new camera after its CLA (clean, align and lubricate).

I took the camera out on a street shoot in Riverdale with Toronto Photowalks and I will talk about group in a future post. It was a great afternoon and I found I left the 50mm lens on the camera, I think on the second roll still in the Camera, I put the 90 f4 Elmar lens on once for one shot.

My Rolleiflex is back from Gerry at Kindermann, I had to send it in for warranty work, something went wrong with the film advance, turns out a small part broke. Well I have the camera back and I took it up with me on my last ski day at Caledon.

As you can tell there's no snow on the ground, the daytime high was +18c. I shot the below photographs before and after skiing.

I used Kodak Plus 125 a nice old school medium speed black and white film and processed with Xtol 1+1. I prefer my film with a bit of character, my brother Alex prefers tube grained films like Ilford Delta, Kodak Tmax and Fuji Acros. I do to on occasion but I prefer a retro look to my work.

I ordered a half dozen rolls of Fomapan 400 in 120 from Freestyle Photographic and I can't wait to try that particular film out.

Want a versatile lens, reach for a 50mm for 35mm or full frame DSLR sensor. I have used in portraiture on the bottom (thank you Alex), landscape on the on the East Hill and documentary on the West Hill Patio at the Caledon Ski Club.

I shot the below images with a Zuiko 50 f1.4 on my Olympus OM-1n.