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Yes you can shoot slide film in a Leica M3, I did downtown and I love what I got from the 50 F2 Collapsible Summicron. I used expired Kodak Elite 100 E-6 film stored in the freezer for the past couple of years and I plan to use up what's left of my slide film stash as I am getting worried that slide film processing is going to disappear.

If slide disappears, I will just shoot with Kodak Ektar 100 in 35 and 120 mm, it's such a nice film to work with.

I went back downtown a week ago for a solitary photowalk and I'm finding a lot more inspiration within the brick and concrete. I really like using the Rolleiflex for urban photography because it's light and you get a big negative out it for printing.

The two best times to walk around downtown is first thing Saturday morning and rush hour during the week. You get very different photographs even standing in the same spot.

I also want to explore the nooks and crannies downtown, the small side streets, you never know what you might find.