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October Frugal Film Project, a Friday in the City.

 The October roll for the Frugal Film Project was a day in the city theme, I went into Toronto to drop some slide film off for processing at Downtown Camera, then make my way up to Yorkville and Rosedale to do photograph around the respective neighbourhoods, both of which are the richest postal codes in the country.  It was my first outing with the Nikkormat FT3, next year's Frugal Film Camera, but why three months early? Well, my Nikkormat FTn that I was using needed a CLA, badly and is now at my camera repair tech. Two, I'm in the process of moving, so, 95% of my camera collection, including my Pre Ai lenses are packed away at my brother's place for the next six months. I decided to run with the Nikkor Ai lens system mostly with a few Ais lenses along with a few other bodies that aren't part of the Frugal Film Project (Nikon FM3A, Nikon FM2/T and F4), for this situation, I'm just being practical.  Speaking of the the big pack up and house purge,  as mentioned earl

Toronto Film Shooters September Photo Walk Part Two

 It was a great day for a photo walk and I really do love Lomo 400 C-41, run through my F4S on a Sunny September Saturday, you got magic.  Camera: Nikon F4S, Nikon AF-D 35 F2 lens, Nikon AF-85 F1.8 lens.  Film: Lomo 400 C-41.