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Oakville In Sort of Winter

We only got snow recently, the first half of January was pretty mild, and wet, hence no snow in the shots. Quebec photographer Jess Hobbs has been doing a standing series on documenting her hometown of Granby in the Eastern Townships. I'm taking inspiration from her and another friend to document my own backyard. With this series I pulled out my Canon FTb, the camera that got me back into the Canon FD system, slapped on my chrome nose FD 35 F2 lens for most of the shots, but I also wanted to try out my FDn 85 F1.8 short telephoto lens I got along with my Canon New F-1 AE. My long time friend Dave Headon and vintange lens enthusiast was the subject of a portrait session to give the 85 F1.8 a workout. Oh wow, this lens shines for portraits, like the Nikkor 105 F2.5, only a wee bit shorter in focal length. The FTb did remarkable job metering considering it was made in 1972. I also took an opportunity to shoot again in Tannery Park which the Town of Oakville did a great design

New Year in the Beaches Four

That stretch between the Beaches proper and Leslieville is starting to gentrify, I didn't photograph it but a few businesses have bailed and a few more like the Days Inn have development proposal signs in front of them. The seediness that has been anchored courtesy the off track betting joint will be slowly and relentlessly pushed away. Where? Into Scarborough? Who knows at this point. For now texture is still there but not for long. Camera: Canon New F-1 AE, FDn 50 f1.4 lens. Film: Ilford HP5 400, pushed to 1600, HC110 B.

New Year in the Beaches Three

The weather was all over the place New Year's Day. The one bonus, we didn't have a Polar Vortex to contend with. In fact this January has't been all that cold. That said, I've noticed my Canon New F-1 AE does struggle a bit when it's below zero celsius, not so much the camera itself but adjusting the aperture on the lens got a bit stiffer, which you don't get with Nikon. Learn something new every day. Canon New F-1AE, FDn 50 f1.4 lens. Film: Rollei RPX 400, HC110 B.

New Year in the Beaches Two

It was a grey New Year season, more late November than early winter. Camera: Canon New F-1AE, FDn 50 f1.4 lens. Film: Rollei PRX 400, HC110 B.

New Year in the Beaches One

This past New Year's I stayed at my brother's place to look after Maya and of course, I walk around with my camera gear. The weather didn't feel all that wintery, more like late November, in fact it felt more like Winter in November. The weather to be honest was choose how you describe the grey skies. So it's black and white film only and in some cases pushed to 1600. In this case I shot box speed and stay in when it was really miserable with rain. Camera: Canon New F-1 AE, FDn lenses. Film: Rollei RPX 400, HC110 B.