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Got a note in the Fun With Cameras virtual mailbag from Earl. To answer his question, I print mostly 8x10" with 5x7" as a secondary smaller size for family photo albums.

Another bit of business, I am taking a break from the darkroom for bit. I am nursing the second cold in the past four weeks and I am not having fun. I find I make stupid mistakes in the darkroom (mostly wasting paper by not loading the easel properly) when I am fatigued and I am running out of inspiration. Secondly I am concentrating on my second to last course in my Public Relations Certificate and job search, both areas have been neglected and I have get started on a few class projects. I will be back by mid spring with some new prints.

I am still shooting, don't worry about that. You can find my negative scans on Flickr.

Both Prints are taken around Befountain Ontario, the top two weeks ago and the bottom on the Bruce Trail back in November.

We have real winter this year and I am re-joicing. Nothing is more depressing than mid winter with no snow on the ground and super cold tempretures. These prints are of locations in the Belfountain Conservation Area.

I came up from the darkroom a fan of Kentmere's VC Select RC fine lustre paper. It behaves just like their Fibre paper which I have been using on a regular basis. The exposure times on the enlarger are the same which makes me happy, if I decide to print a RC print on fibre, I don't have to fiddle around with the times. VC Select responds well to Dektol. What I love is the almost 3-D look the prints have you usually get with the glossy finish.