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Wychwood, a Hidden Gem

 As the day went on with the Hillcrest-Wychwood Garden Tour we were losing the bright sunny skies. We detoured to the Artscape Wychwood Park Arts Centre which decades ago was a TTC Streetcar Barn that hosts a weekly farmers market on Saturdays. The Garden Tour ended for us in Wychwood Park, an enclave that's off the radar in the southeast part of the neighbourhood. Designed by Arts and Crafts movement proponant Eden Smith a century ago. Wychwood Park is pretty much an architecturally intact neighbourhood where infill development is frowned apon by the locals. Famous residents over the years included University of Toronto professor and media theorist Marshell McCluhan.   I had fun exploring this part of Toronto and would love to revist in the future. Now the big question, would I live around here. It depends, I'm at a point I rather be in a decent sized condo and have someone else deal with the upkeep, there isn't a lot of condos in the Hillcrest-Wychwood neighbourhood, then

Exploring Hillcrest Village-Wychwood and a Neighbourhood Garden Tour

Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods and this Summer I want to explore more of them, partly for future photowalks. Jo-Anne got some tickets for a garden tour put on by the Toronto Historical Society and this year it was in the Hillcrest/Bracondale Hill/Wychwood neighbourhood. Think east of Dufferin, ok, Oakwood, St. Clair, Bathurst St. to the east and Davenport to the south. One thing about this part of Toronto, it really reminds me of the Streetcar Suburb enclave sandwiched between NDG and Ville St. Pierre and Cote St. Luc called Montreal West. When I walked into this neighbourhood, I felt immediately at home.  The Gardens were beautiful. I'm still toying with an idea for a photowalk cutting through this neighbourhood but figuring out where we start and where to end is a big one. I'm going to give it some thought.  Camera: Olympus OM-2n, Zuiko MC lenses.  Film: Fujifilm Superia 400