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Weekday at Mono Cliffs Part Two

So you've seen the cliffs at Mono Cliffs what now? Well there's lot to experience, there's McCarsten's Lake, left over glacier and rain water. and if you're there at the right time it's a special level of beautiful. The beauty of this provincial park, you can scale the hike as short or long as you want. Due to time cosntraints I haven't done super long hikes this year but the loop around McCarsten's Lake is a nice walk in the woods.  Just go during the week in the peak fall colours season because it will be insanely busy, thank you BlogTO. 

Camera: Nikon FE, Nikkor Ai lenses. Film: Fomapan 400, ID-11 1+1. 

September at Mono Cliffs Part One

I'm big on mid week escapes during this pandemic, for the main reason so I have the place to myself and avoid the weekend crowds.  I found out on Saturday and Sunday during fall colours season there's about a half hour wait to get the down the stairs to the lower platform, yeah, no. I'll stick to my Wednesdays and Thursdays. I like my solitude. Mono Cliffs has been a regular hiking spot for the past decade or more and I've shot there a lot. I still haven't explored quite everything, there is a loop north of the part I haven't quite made it too, so that will have to be on the agenda at some point before all the leaves are gone. I shot black and white here because the colours were still pretty much green. 
Camera: Nikon FE, Nikkor Ai lenses. Film: Fomapan 400, ID 1+1. 

Oakville on a Sunday in Early Fall

I met up with my friends John and Dana from Toronto Film Shooters one Sunday morning two weeks ago for coffee and a short photo walk. We wandered around Oakville Harbour and Tannery Park by way of the Rebecca St. Bridge. It was a beautiful morning that started cool but warmed up really quick. I miss meeting up with other photographers and hanging out, at least we got to do it out in the open in a safe environment. What amazed me was how quickly the leaves changed along 16 Mile Creek. The power boats and sail boats are going to hoisted out of the water soon meaning it will really be fall. 
Camera: NIkon F100, AF-D 28-105 F3.5-4.5 Macro Zoom lens. Film: Kodak Ektar 100. 

Uxbridge and the Nikon F100

The Nikon F100 is a very powerful camera, and it earns the nickname of F5 lite honestly. With the 28-105 lens, you can easily head use this for travel. With the added bonus the camera using AA batteries, you won't be in the lurch when the juice runs out. Sadly the F6 went with CR123 lithium batteries so if you're in the middle, having spares is mandatory. In some ways my kit for my annual NLP Muskoka retreat has morphed, running with a pair of lenses, the 28-105 and the 70-210 telephoto zoom, I just shaved a ton of weight off the kit that goes into the backpack. Run with the F100 kit for colour and a Rolleiflex for black and white. Something to ponder until next year. I still want a Nikon autofocus pro body, most likely the F5 but part of me, if a huge pile of money fell into my lap would just say fuck it, I'm only here once, get the F6 and some AF-S or G glass, I'll have to live with the lithum batteries, but if you can swing the camera financially, batteries shouldn…