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August Toronto Film Shooters Meet Up, From Hill Crest to almost Yorkville.

 Love Color Plus 200, finding more stock, yeah, good luck in North America. it's an old school C-41 colour film from Kodak, think original Gold not the improved Gold 200 you can now get in 120. Sadly the only place that I can find that stocks Color Plus 200 is Camera Film Photo out of Hong Kong. Worst case I might order from them in the fall to grab some more rolls. Or, just substitute with the current Gold 200 which isn't easy to find either these days.  Camera: Olympus OM-1n, MC Zuiko 50 F1.8 lens.  Film: Kodak Color Plus 200. 

August Toronto Film Shooters Meet Up, Hillcrest to Yorkville Part One.

  We started up in St. Clair West in Hillcrest Village, a part of Toronto where the Toronto Film Shooters hasn't really explored much in the past few years. The game plan was simple start up on St. Clair and end at the Duke of York in the east end of the Annex.  The turn out wasn't huge but just right for an August weekend, and the weather was perfect. I ran with the Olyumpus OM-1n, and some Zuiko glass which loves colour film. I really loved what I got out of these two rolls.  Camera: Olympus OM-1n, MC Zuiko 50 F1.8 and 28 F2.8 lenses.  Film: Kodak Color Plus 200. 

Kodak Gold in 120

 Kodak surprised us by releasing Gold 200 in 120 format back in the spring and for now is probably the only colour film you're going to find for  while. I'm late to the medium format party for Kodak Gold. I haven't been in much of a medium format mood this spring and summer. I went in early one Friday afternoon on my way to Jo-Anne's place at Yonge and Eglington.  I got off at Davisville and walked up and killed two rolls of 120 Gold 200. My usual process is to expose at 100 ISO and process normally, the results speak for themsleves and that's wow! Run through my Rolleiflex you get perfection with the Zeiss optics. I know people who shoot toy cameras are going to have fun with this film stock. Thank you Jo-Anne for buying me a pro pack of Gold 200.  Camera: Rolleiflex Series F Twin Lens Reflex Camera 75 F3.5 Zeiss Planar Lens.  Film:Kodak Gold 200