About this Blog

Hi, My name is Bill and welcome to Bill Smith’s Photography, please have fun and explore the blog. 

The photographic images posted were created on 35mm and medium format film cameras with the occasional iPhone shot. Why still shoot with film? I’m a marketing communications consultant with a strong interest in social media, so I spend enough time in front of the computer as it is. 

A side effect of my passion for analogue photography is I collect film cameras, mostly on Nikon manual focus gear though I have still few lenses left on my wish list for my Leica and Hasselblad systems. 

Important Business 

This is a personal blog focused on my photography with the occasional post on the analogue photography community or the occasional new products, the opinions expressed are mine and mine alone. I have no interest in commenting on past, present or perspective clients and/or employers on this platform. Of course unless otherwise stated the photography is my own. 

Comments Policy 

All comments are moderated before being posted. That goes for positive as well as posts where you think I have some room for improvement, constructive critiques are welcome. General rule of thumb, be transparent in your identity and write something you feel comfortable that your parents would read. The comments policy will be updated once Livefyre has a plug-in for blogger. 


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