Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Queen St. East in the Beaches

My second home other than Oakville, and this is the neighbourhood's main street.

Camera: Asahi Pentax KX, SMC Pentax M 50 f1.4 lens.
Film: Kodak Ultramax 400

Kew Garden Variety in the Light

Late Afternoon Whitlocks_

Late afternoon 501

In Front of the Breakwall_

Beaches Firehall in the Afternoon two

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Return to the Don Valley

Had so much fun shooting in the Don Valley from Riverdale down to the Riverside neighbourhood (or west Leslieville depending which real estate agent you talk to), I did it again only this time using Cinestill 50D.

If you are up on Broadview north of Bridgepoint Health, check The Rooster Coffee House, I think I found my new favourite source of caffeine in the east end.

Camera: Asahi Pentax KX, SMC Pentax M 50 f1.4 lens, SMC K 50 1.7 lens.
Film: Cinestill 50D

The Rooster Coffee House on Broadview

Mystic Cat_

On the Metrolinx Spur Line II

Dyad Institute

Exit to Downtown over The Don_

The Entrance to the East End._

Eastbound 501 Crossing the Don

Queen and Broadview

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Black and White with the Asahi Pentax MX

I got a cool little camera for my birthday, the Asahi Pentax MX with  SMC Pentax M 50 f1.7 lens. This is the smallest 35mm SLR on the market, even a tick smaller than the Olympus OM-1. Mechanically the MX under the the metal shell is a lot like the first generation K series SLRS like the K-1000, KM and KX which in turn are Asahi Pentax Spotmatic Fs with a bayonet mount and upgraded metering. What was different with the MX was it's meter, it used red, orange and green led lights to tell if you correct with your exposure. Neat idea but also the camera's achilles heal. Let me explain, I love shooting with this camera, however, in certain lighting situations, you lose the LED light meter lights to flare, a pain in the ass if you're out to get that perfect exposure.

That said in about 90% of those photographic situations I was fine. The MX is a cool camera I can put in my brief case and not worry about bulk.

Camera: Asahi Pentax MX, SMC Pentax K 28 f3.5 lens. SMC Pentax M 50 f1.7 lens.
Film: ORWO UN 54, D76 1+1.

Clean Water Temple

Doorway To Water Treatment

Looking West Towards Woodbine

Neville Loop Backup_

Opposite of the Outrigger

Sidewalk Seating

Grand Queen St. Semi_

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Bluffer's Park

Just got back from my two week stay in the Beaches. Had a blast and one weird moment but we won't be talking about that. One thing I wanted to shoot badly was the Scarborough Bluffs, humour me, I'm a west ender and never been here before. I was blown away at what I saw, if you have never been to the Bluffs before it's a neat spot in the city. The other cool thing is the small year around houseboat community in the marina, something you don't see in Southern Ontario too often.

On a bright sunny morning, my guess I should have come earlier but I had to walk Rufus first, oh well. There's always next time, I should come in the fall when the leaves have changed colour. I would pack a neutral density filter to deal with the latitude, metering the sandstone was a bit of a challenge.

Camera: Asahi Pentax KX, SMC Pentax-M 50 f1.4 lens. SMC Pentax-K 28 f3.5 lens.
Film: Cinestill 50D.

Bluffer's Park Trail

Scarbourough Bluffs 1

Reflected Bluffs_

House Boat Neighbourhood

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Queen St. East, Really East.

More with CineStill 50D and Pentax K mount love.

Camera: Asahi Pentax KX, SMC Pentax M 50 f1.4 lens. SMC Pentax K Pentax K 28 f3.5 lens.
Film: Cinestill 50D

Harris Water Treatment Plant Two_

Art Deco Detail_

80s Night at the Fox

Yet Another Shot of the GOOF Sign_

In Front of the Outrigger_

Life at the Beacher Cafe_

Love Shooting This Fire Station