Monday, April 28, 2008

I standardised pretty much on Kodak Tri-x or Ilford HP5 as my go to ISO 400 black and white film. To date I have have not done the same with a slower emulsion. So to give T-Grain films another go, I am a big fan of traditional silver hallaide but I have an open mind. I picked up two rolls of Kodak Tmax 100, shot one through my Nikon F2 and processed with HC110 Dilution B.

Well first lesson if you get a pink tone after fix and rinse, the film has not been fixed long enough. Learned that the hard way I refixed the negatives and now I get it. I have not printed from these negatives, that will have to wait. I might try Ilford Delta 100 and see which works better for me. I am starting to warm to T-grain film and I just have to be careful with my developing.

I shot these two entries up at the Forks of the Credit in Belfountain Ontario. I never get tired with this part of the world.

Part One of my Kodak Tmax 100 experiment.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Two shots taken up at Belfountain Conservation Area back in early March with a Nikon F2 with Nikkor H 28/3.5 lens with Adox CHS100 film. I printed on Ilford Multigrade IV 5x7 RC glossy paper with Dektol 1+3 on a Devere 504 enlarger.

Two Oakville Harbour shots taken with a Nikon f with Nikkor H 28/3.5 lens with Classicpan 400 film processed in D76 1+1. I printed on Ilford Multigrade IV 5x7 RC glossy paper with Dektol 1+3 on a Devere 504 enlarger.

More Leica M3 images shot with Tri-x processed in D76 1+1. I was up in a familier neighbourhood a few weeks ago meeting with classmates in regards to a case study. I got there an hour early and walked along Bloor St east of Jane. I would love to live around here at some point.

I pulled the Leica M3 out and took it with me to a job interview downtown a few weeks ago. I went in early to take some pictures and prepare myself mentally to meet with a professional association for a PR/communications writing position.

The interview was a bust but I got some decent pictures as the faint consolation prize.

I used my M3 with 50/2 collapsable Summicron with Kodak Tri-x processed in D76 1+1.

I have some more shots from this roll to be posted later.

I am back, my class is over and the PR certificate is on Hiatus until the fall when my last course is offered.

Some cool night shots from the downtown core shot in January and printed last weekend on Ilford Multigrade IV 5x7 RC glossy paper. I really dig the Brookfield Place Atrium print I have to make a bigger one of that. I used a Nikon F2 with Ilford HP5 pushed to 1600 and I got some some more prints to make from this roll down the road.