Sunday, June 08, 2008

I was gifted a full box of 10 year old Agfa MCC111 paper at a recent Flickr Toronto gathering from a fellow photographer who went over to the dark side (digital). Challenge, Agfa paper has a short lifespan and even though this box of paper lived in the fridge, it still fogged hence the results of the bottom print of Webster Falls.

Now to solve this requires some Benzotriazapole solution or if you don't want to play mad doctor, Edwal Orthathite will do the trick too if you can find it. A fellow film photographer gave me a mason jar of BZT solution and I used of that 25cc in one litre Dektol stock solution. I had to lengthen out the exposure time and step up to a #3 enlarger filter. The results are the top print, much better.

My favourite paper is still Kentmere but the Scotsman in me is not going to say no to a free box of photo paper.

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