The New Addition to the Fleet, the NIkon FM2T

 I didn't need a NIkon FM2T but I got one. I already have both a chrome and black Nikon FM2N bodies but being not only an analogue photographer I'm also a Nikon collector. Ok, the FM3a's are getting a little out of hand in the used market. As you have read over the past few months I've been on a gear acquisition tear this is more a prize. James over at Casual Photophile wrote a great pieec back in 2019 on the camera, and pretty much shares what I think, yeah, you don't really need this camera but if you're a Nikon collector you want one. The FM2T was only made from 1993 to 1997 and is a rare beast in the grand scheme of things compared to the FM2n which was made from 1989 to 2001.

What the FM2T is a lighter and tougher version of the FM2N. with a titanium outer housing, like a regular FM2n it feels great in my hand. This particular example was spot on with the meter and did not take one bad photo at all. 

Film wise I ran with Ilford Delta 100, I'm just trying to use up remaining stocks so I can move over to FP4 125. I know people love the clean look, T-grained film isn't my jam. Give me cubic grain any day of the week. 

Csmera: Nikon FM2T, Nikkor Ais lenses. 

Film: Ilford Delta 100, HC110 B. 

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