Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am doing something potentially brilliant, or I fall flat on my face. I am finishing up my public relations certificate this fall and I have to do a "project" for the PR project course, in this case a 20 page article on a topic of my choosing relating to what I have learned. I chose the topic relating both my professional passion which is PR and communciations and my hobby/artistic outlet of photography.

So, my topic for this course will be the roll of photography in the realm of public relations and communications. I don't think it gets quite the care and respect it deserves, we put our energies into the key messages and the visuals become window dressing. Reality is, a well chosen set of photographs will re-enforce key messaging in the article, on the website or in social media. A poorly chosen photography could at best draw attention away from key messaging and at worst potentially offending a public you are trying to reach. I also want to cover off ethical issues regarding corporate/editorial photography and the rise of harvesting images from Flickr to save money at the expense of the photographer who took the shot.

My challenge is there is not a lot of reading material, so it looks like I am going to be interviewing a lot of people for this project.

No fear there will be more pictures in the next posting, I picked up a Nikon FM and FE and love both camera bodies, you will see the results shortly.
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