Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fun With Lomo 400 C-41



Should We Go Into the Sheppard's Pub

Elora Flatiron



The Lomographic Society over the past few years has branched out from just offering toy cameras to fine art photographer and hipsters everywhere to now offering their own branded film. For the sake of experimentation, I picked up a three pack and ran one through my Rolleiflex last weekend.

Interesting film that honestly should be used in a Holga or Diana toy camera.  The first three frames had light leak courtesy quality control or lack there of at the Chinese plant where the film was coated. It's not a bad C-41fim but if you're doing a critical work, I would reach for either Kodak Portra 400,  Ektar 100 or Fuji Pro 400 H instead. 
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