Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Early November Hiking in Caledon Part One.

I really have not done a whole lot of hiking this year. My hiking buddy has a lot going on her life both personal and a career wise so when I have been going out, it's by myself and that's ok there are times I need my alone time to think and to just get away for a few hours.

This is my last roll of ORWO UN 54 for now, I buy it in 100ft lengths and I have another can of it on order. In the mean time I'm revisiting Fomapan 200 which I used a few years back and found it an interesting black and white film to shoot with. I'll talk more about my experiences with the new film when I get a chance go out again and shoot. We're in that part of the year where daylight is disappearing fast and the weather is crappy, not quite fall anymore, not quite winter either.

Camera: Canon AE-1, FD 35 f2 lens (the one with the Thorium laced glass)
Film: ORWO UN 54, Xtol 1+1


MacLaren Side Road.



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