Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Bluffer's Park

Just got back from my two week stay in the Beaches. Had a blast and one weird moment but we won't be talking about that. One thing I wanted to shoot badly was the Scarborough Bluffs, humour me, I'm a west ender and never been here before. I was blown away at what I saw, if you have never been to the Bluffs before it's a neat spot in the city. The other cool thing is the small year around houseboat community in the marina, something you don't see in Southern Ontario too often.

On a bright sunny morning, my guess I should have come earlier but I had to walk Rufus first, oh well. There's always next time, I should come in the fall when the leaves have changed colour. I would pack a neutral density filter to deal with the latitude, metering the sandstone was a bit of a challenge.

Camera: Asahi Pentax KX, SMC Pentax-M 50 f1.4 lens. SMC Pentax-K 28 f3.5 lens.
Film: Cinestill 50D.

Bluffer's Park Trail

Scarbourough Bluffs 1

Reflected Bluffs_

House Boat Neighbourhood
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