Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wandering Around Toronto's Harbourfront

I had a chance to wander around Harbourfront Thanksgiving Weekend before the temperatures dropped. I pulled my Nikon FM2n out for a workout and rolled with a two lens set up, a 50mm and 28mm lens. Partly to keep the weight down as I was carrying a bottle of wine for a dinner party I was attending later on in my camera bag and to keep the decision making simple.

Bergger BRF 400 is a great black and white film and I hope B&H is restocking it soon because I need to buy another 10-pack of this film.

Camera: Nikon FM2n, Nikkor Ais 50 f1.8 and 28 f2.8 lenses.
Film: Bergger BRF 400, D76 1+1.

Explore on Lower York

Condo Reflections_

Harbour Taxies and Tour Boats_

Pair of Old Timey Tour Boats_

Exclusive Docking Spaces

Waiting for Treats Patiently

Harbourfront Beach Seats_

Harbourfront LRT

Late Afternoon Return

Moored Caledonia_

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