Thursday, December 22, 2016

Halton Region with a Nikon N90s.

I don't really do autofocus, but there is one camera in my current lineup that is one, the Nikon N90s (F90x for the rest of the world) and forgot how nice it is to work with. This camera is a steal, to put into current context, this was the D810 to the D5 if we're comparing Nikon FX DSLRS. Today you can grab one for about $50-75 if you shop smart.

What's great: metering for starters! The N90s has a sophisticated metering that quite honestly, since I don't own any autofocus lenses am really not taking full advantage of. With centre weight and spot metering, I'm pretty much good to go, even then, I got the exposure bang on with my brother Alex's portrait. Now if I had some autofocus glass, I could take advantage of the matrix metering function.

The camera also takes AA batteries which is the best thing ever, they are available anywhere on this planet without a hassle. The only weak spot is the Err message which is the camera's on board CPU telling me the ISO is incorrect even though that was intentional (I like to over expose my 400 ISO films) on my part. The fix is easy, but just annoying to deal with when you're in the middle of a shoot.

I do have a Nikkor AF-D 70-210 F 3.5-5.6 lens on the way, so it would be nice to grab a nifty fifty lens and I can use my Ais 28 f2.8 manual focus glass because it beats the autofocus version by miles.

In a fit of inspiration I wrote an article for the Film Shooters Collective which will be published on there at a later date. The second that happens, I will link back to here.

Camera: Nikon N90s, Nikkor Ai 50 f1.4 lens.
Film: Rollei RPX 400 HC110 B.

Nikon N90s

Limehouse Garage_

Bridge Through Limestone_

London Bound Via Train_

Bruce Trail in Limehouse_

Snow Covered Lime Kiln 2_

The Bridge Across_

What's Left of the Mill_

Limehouse Community Hall_

Rare Shot of Alex_ 
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