Saturdays during the winter are special for me as I get to ski with Alex and Marcus up at Caledon Ski Club. Alex and I have been members for 28 years and Marcus is the next generation to start off skiing this year and he is conquering the hills. I can't believe how well he is progressing from being a little scared at the start of the year forgetting everything from the first two years to taking the steep part of Soules Skyway with ease.

I used Ilford HP5 as the film for this set, it was gifted to me by fellow Oakville Camera Club member Kelsey Mason. She gave me a brick of Kodak Tri-x, the roll of Ilford HP5 and pile of slide film which will keep me busy for a long while. I shot the HP5 through my Olympus OM-1 using mostly the Zuiko 50 f1.8 with Xtol 1+1 as the developer of choice.


Earl said…
Do you scan prints or negatives when posting to the web? I'm just about done remodeling the second bathroom. I'm looking forward to doing a little darkroom work soon!
Bill Smith said…
Hi Earl,

I post both negative and print scans. The majority of my flickr account are negative scans and it almost acts as a virtual contact sheet.

Wet darkroom printing has no subsitute, I find it very relaxing and I love the joy of seeing an image form on photo paper due to a chemical reaction.

Good luck with the darkroom session!



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