You Can Go Home Again

I learned photography on a Canon AE-1 after playing around with a Rebel G for a year or two. Over time I had the nice little collection of FD lenses for my camera. About seven years ago I migrated over to Nikon, trading off the AE-1 kit for a Nikon F body around the same time my dad passed. I wound up getting another Nikon F as part of his estate along with some other nice toys.

Things do come full circle, a few years back I was gifted a Canon FTb which  I since got overhauled and I bought my brother's F-1n off him along with a nice collection of FD lenses two years ago. Now in a fit of nostalgia I picked up another AE-1 off Ebay, this one in much better shape than the one I owned and now I have three Canon bodies a decent FD lens kit.

I forgot how nice this camera was, the only achilles heel for the AE-1 is the lousy performance in cold temperatures. Oh let's be honest the battery dies in 15 minutes with the exposure to cold weather so you don't want to use this between November and April.

The top shot was courtesy my iPhone 4 and the bottom three of course were from my AE-1 with Fuji Superia Extra 400 film.

Canon AE-1

Potted Flowers

Rusty Pickets



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