Monday, April 28, 2008

I standardised pretty much on Kodak Tri-x or Ilford HP5 as my go to ISO 400 black and white film. To date I have have not done the same with a slower emulsion. So to give T-Grain films another go, I am a big fan of traditional silver hallaide but I have an open mind. I picked up two rolls of Kodak Tmax 100, shot one through my Nikon F2 and processed with HC110 Dilution B.

Well first lesson if you get a pink tone after fix and rinse, the film has not been fixed long enough. Learned that the hard way I refixed the negatives and now I get it. I have not printed from these negatives, that will have to wait. I might try Ilford Delta 100 and see which works better for me. I am starting to warm to T-grain film and I just have to be careful with my developing.

I shot these two entries up at the Forks of the Credit in Belfountain Ontario. I never get tired with this part of the world.

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