Monday, February 22, 2010

My Leica M3 is getting an overhaul from Kindermann Canada, I had a situation back on Saturday when the shutter decided to get sluggish in the -3c temperatures. That has not happened to me before. So a semi retired factory trained Leica tech my brother recommended to is going to work his magic and itt will be a couple hundred dollars well spent.

I managed to get the shutter working properly and managed two rolls. After I think frame 12 you can tell the shutter got sluggish. Sort of like everything below 1/500 became bulb. The remedy was warming the camera up to room temperature and exercising the shutter. Mr. Gerry Smith (no relation alas) is The Canadian factory trained Leica tech and I figure getting the CLA done now makes sense because I don't know how long he wants to keep working even part time.

The other thing with this set I managed to do was try HC110 Dilution B again, a developer combination I used when I started developing black and white film four years ago. Rating Kodak Tri-X 400 down to 250 to 320 ISO, I got some great images I am going to print for a future exhibit.

Mark Evans Compelling Story Telling Presentation

Waiting for the Podcamp Sessions to begin

Inside Podcamp 2010 2

Under the Flags

Walking Past

Design Exchange 1

Early Morning on Track Two
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