Friday, September 27, 2013

Back into the Woods Part I

What a month this has been, as rule I try to unplug and go for a good long walk in the woods and when things get very busy, I head up to Mono Cliffs Provincial Park northeast of Orangeville. What I like about Mono and the Hockley Valley, it's still a reasonable drive from Greater Toronto yet you don't hear civilization. In fact cellphone reception is a little spotty in low lying sections, my iPhone gets switched into airplane mode. I need the silence.

There are two ways up here,  a quick way up Highway 10 and the scenic route. You will see images from the scenic route in a later post. For now you got black and white images to tide you over.

Tomorrow I'm back up there leading a photo walk with some members of the Oakville Camera Club . I usually shoot alone, we'll see what I'll get.



Bruce Trail




Camera: Nikon FM2, Nikkor Ai 28 f2.8 or 50 f1.8 lens,
Film: Ilford HP5 400, HC110 Dillution B. 
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