Monday, September 02, 2013

Lens Test Drive In Toronto's West End

Crossing Roncesvalles

Alleyway in Roncesvalles Village

Along Dundas St. In the Junction.

Dundas St. West in the Junction

I have really bonded with my Mamiya C220f this Summer, it's a tank of a twin lens reflex camera but it's my go to for portraiture, landscape/nature and wandering around the street due to it's durability and versatility of interchangeable  lenses. Now I have a pretty complete lens kit for this camera save for the blue dot 80 f2.8 Sekor. A little bit of patience on Ebay and I managed to score one a few weeks back.

What you see here was shot in Toronto's west end this past weekend during some very humid weather, so I spent my birthday testing out a lens and it has my seal of approval.

Camera: Mamiya C220f, Sekor 80 f2.8 Blue Dot lens,
Film: Fuji Neopan Acros 100, Xtol 1+1. 
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