Saturday, November 09, 2013

Algonquin Park Part One.

Algonquin Park is huge, riding shotgun in a friend's SUV in a convoy along Highway 60,  I realized that very quickly when it was about my guess at least a 45 min drive across to Whitney for a late lunch. If you do wind up in that part of the world, check out The Mad Musher, they have a great menu and I'm partial to their sirloin steak sandwich.

The other realization hit quickly too, Highway 60 was really busy with tourists and day trippers up for the fall colours even though the weekend forecast called for rain. There were spots we had to take a pass on because it was too busy.

We came on the Spruce Marsh, not the spectacular spot we had originally planned but there's still lots of beauty here. The trail looped around it so we not only got more than our share of shots of dead spruce stands but also the Canadian Shield sticking out of the ground. Even though we had a guide with Wesley Liikane  who has deep knowledge of the park, we stayed on the trail. Algonquin Park is one of those places you can start off hiking in one direction and never be seen or heard from again.




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