Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Be the Water Part Two or A Sunday Morning at Albion Falls

An old friend gave me some wise advice once, be the water.Well I had to be the water this past fall as I had multiple projects both personal and professional along with some professional development with University of Toronto's Digital Strategy and Communications certificate program. In fact this blog was an assignment for the foundations class and I had fun writing them, in fact they were an escape from everything else. There is a blog roll on the side here and please check out my classmates blogs, they are all great reads.

So, Albion Falls, I was here back in late October with the Oakville Camera Club on a Sunday morning photo shoot. Now if you wanted to get closer you had to get to a fenced off access trail and I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with mobility or balance issues. If I were to come back I want to do it on an overcast day to even out the exposure.

Camera Gear:

Nikon F3HP, Kodak Portra 400

Nikon FM2, Ilford HP5 and Delta 100

Various Nikkor lenses used.


Albion Falls

Water Curtains



Water Between the Rocks
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