Thursday, December 05, 2013

Will I ever go Digital?

That is the eternal debate in my head as an analogue photographer, will I go digital at some point? With the recent release of the Nikon Df  left me looking at that question. On the surface, this camera was made for me, a full frame DSLR with a flagship grade sensor, no video capability (not really interested in video), manual controls and the ability to use Nikkor Ai and Non Ai lenses which I have plenty of.

Now there's the challenge, the camera is retailing for about $3000 in Canada and I estimate I would have to spend another $1500 to get up to speed. So ok $4500, that's a lot of coin, in fact I can buy a Nikon FM3a which is the last manual focus film camera Nikon made in house (the FM10 is made by Cosina) and a supply of black and white film and chemicals to keep me going until the year 2024. So what would have I to buy along with the Df to be in the "digital" world? My shopping list would include multiple terabyte external hard drives because RAW files are big memory pigs, auxiliary speed light flash and they are not cheap and decent memory cards.

I love shooting film for it's look both on the computer screen as a scanned negative or in a print be it inkjet or printed in a darkroom. The reality is at some point I'm going to need a digital camera for some situations like event photography and in some cases travel.  As cool as it is, the Df's MSRP is about $1000 too expensive in my mind. Also there is no split screen for manual focus or even the focus peaking feature which is another strike against the camera.

For now I'm sitting tight and seeing what else comes out. 
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