Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fun with a iPhone 5s

I love my new iPhone 5s, my plan rolled over and I had Fido Dollars to redeem. A lot of pixels have been devoted to this handset in the "smartphone wars", what grabbed me aside from the speed courtesy the A7 chip which gives way more computing power was the big leap forward with the camera which has double the number of pixels my old iPone 4 had.

Now here's the deal with smart phones period you can do lots of neat things with them, I love my panorama feature on my 5s. Here's the deal it's not so much the stock camera but the apps you can use so you have greater creative control of your images and they are easy to use in terms of editing.

The apps I use on a regular basis are Google Snapseed , VSCOcam which is a very elegant app that also includes an online community like Instagram and if you edit your photos via Adobe Lightroom, plug ins to give you to opportunity to re-create the look of different slide and negative films. Another app worth looking at for download is 645pro which gives you control of your smartphone camera as if it were a DSLR or a mirror less Micro 4/3 camera with the added bonus you can create the image in TIFF files. That gives you even more creative control if you download to your computer and edit from there in either Aperture if you are a Mac user, Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop if you have time on your hands.

So go out there and play with some apps and see where your smartphone photography can go.

Shot with the VSCOcam app with the C1 filter applied

Edited with Google Snapseed

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