Thursday, August 07, 2014

Boyne Valley Part One

I wanted to try a new hike so I drove further up Highway 10 past Orangeville  up to a small hamlet called Primrose and kept driving North to Boyne River Provincial Park. It was an all day hike,  from experience, don't bother with the Primrose side trail, nothing all that exciting to see on there.

The park proper is another story all together. It was a great hike and by the end my legs were like jello. I shot both black and white and colour on this hike, this post you guessed it, is the black and white one. There is a great view of Boyne Valley and a couple of spots that could very well be the next Microsoft background wallpaper.

Olympus OM2n, Zuiko 50 f1.4 lens.
Film: Ilford Delta 100, Ilfosol3 1+4.







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